Businesses in Cardonalito

Area Codes999
Local TimeWednesday 6:12 AM
TimezoneCentral Standard Time
Lat & Lng20.6476° / -99.12164°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/22/1311:45 PM435.3 km5,000 m9km N of Progreso de Obregon,
6/27/111:05 AM492.8 km8,000 mQueretaro,
6/24/119:31 PM4.169 km3,200 mQueretaro,
6/24/115:41 PM4.285.1 km10,000 mQueretaro,
3/26/1110:08 AM497.6 km8,500 mQueretaro,
5/20/102:11 PM3.940.3 km5,000 mHidalgo,
4/17/1012:03 AM423.7 km2,000 mHidalgo,
12/31/082:27 PM3.639.8 km5,000 mHidalgo,
1/24/064:59 AM3.735.9 km5,000 mHidalgo,
7/4/0512:19 PM3.959.9 km16,000 mHidalgo,

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