Businesses in San Javier, Baja California Sur

Hotels & Travel
Financial Services
Community & Government


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 27.8%
 Industry: 17%
 Home Services: 12.3%
 Professional Services: 9.4%
 Food: 6.6%
 Medical: 6.1%
 Automotive: 4.7%
 Other: 16%
Local TimeMonday 10:55 AM
TimezoneMexican Pacific Daylight Time
Lat & Lng25.8615° / -111.54368°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
1/5/191:36 AM4.594.3 km10,000 m70km ENE of Loreto,
1/4/194:33 AM4.997.6 km10,000 m71km ENE of Loreto,
1/1/192:39 PM4.199.1 km10,000 m74km ENE of Loreto,
1/19/188:48 AM4.592.3 km10,000 m68km NNE of Loreto,
7/9/157:11 PM4.183.7 km10,000 m58km NNE of Loreto,
11/12/147:07 PM4.282.2 km8,890 m39km SSE of Mulege,
11/7/142:04 PM498 km10,000 m72km ENE of Loreto,
11/26/121:14 PM460 km12,300 mBaja California Sur,
12/28/117:35 AM445.2 km5,100 mBaja California Sur,
12/4/117:35 AM5.231.2 km10,000 mBaja California Sur,

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Earliest Date  Latest Date 
 Magnitude 3.0 and greater   Magnitude 4.0 and greater   Magnitude 5.0 and greater 

Postal Codes

Percentage of businesses by Postal Codes in San Javier, Baja California Sur
 Postal Code 76020: 29.1%
 Postal Code 36020: 9.3%
 Postal Code 45110: 8.1%
 Postal Code 09360: 7%
 Other: 46.5%