Businesses in Dubbeldam


Business Distribution by Industry
 Sports & Activities: 55.6%
 Automotive: 22.2%
 Entertainment: 11.1%
 Industry: 11.1%
Area Codes78
Local TimeFriday 10:52 PM
TimezoneCentral European Summer Time
Lat & Lng51.80092° / 4.70232°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/8/1112:02 PM4.292.3 km6,000
9/9/019:30 PM3.477.3 km10,000 mThe
9/8/0111:58 PM3.891 km10,000 mThe
9/11/995:32 AM3.764.9 km10,000 mThe
9/20/946:12 PM3.487.1 km5,000 mThe
6/11/9310:04 AM3.387.1 km10,000
8/11/907:54 PM3.184.9 km10,000
12/1/8912:09 PM3.161.6 km10,000 mThe

Dubbeldam, South Holland

Dubbeldam is a former village in the Dutch province of South Holland. It was located to the east of the city of Dordrecht. It is now a part of that city. was a separate municipality until 1970, when it merged with Dordrecht.   ︎  Dubbeldam Wikipedia Page