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Area Codes89
Local TimeWednesday 9:19 PM
TimezoneNepal Time
Lat & Lng28.84434° / 81.71011°
Postal Codes21600

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/11/1911:51 AM4.511.7 km31,320 m11km WNW of Dailekh,
10/5/1812:15 AM4.327 km10,000 m19km NW of Birendranagar,
10/5/1812:08 AM4.413.2 km10,000 m13km WNW of Dailekh,
7/15/179:35 AM4.36.7 km27,700 m6km W of Dailekh,
12/25/158:48 PM4.147.7 km10,000 m19km NE of Achham,
12/18/152:16 PM5.461.7 km10,000 m51km NE of Achham,
1/5/1511:41 AM4.29.8 km34,470 m9km WNW of Dailekh,
11/2/1311:47 PM461.6 km38,580 m32km WNW of Jumla,
8/28/121:31 AM4.630.4 km10,000
6/15/0810:34 AM3.738.2 km35,000

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Dailekh, Mid-Western Development Region

Dailekh is a town and seat of Dailekh District in the Bheri Zone of western-central Nepal.  ︎  Dailekh Wikipedia Page