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Area Codes3199
Local TimeWednesday 1:25 AM
TimezoneNepal Time
Lat & Lng28.9656° / 80.22174°
Postal Codes1040010404

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
1/21/157:42 PM493.2 km40,660 m17km NE of Dipayal,
4/4/114:31 AM5.396.2 km26,100 mNepal-India border
7/6/1012:08 PM598.5 km32,800 mNepal-India border
7/3/107:35 PM4.799.6 km11,600 mNepal-India border
1/10/109:15 PM4.792.2 km35,000 mNepal-India border
2/12/077:53 AM3.678.3 km10,000 mNepal-India border
10/4/062:34 PM3.985.8 km10,000 mNepal-India border
9/25/069:04 PM4.792.7 km6,600 mNepal-India border
5/5/061:49 AM3.966 km35,000 mNepal-India border
5/5/061:00 AM596.2 km17,600 mNepal-India border

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Suda, Nepal

Suda is a village development committee in Kanchanpur District in the Mahakali Zone of south-western Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 12,948 people living in 1947 individual households.   ︎  Suda, Nepal Wikipedia Page