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Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 15.7%
 Restaurants: 14.9%
 Hotels & Travel: 12.1%
 Industry: 7.1%
 Professional Services: 6.8%
 Religion: 5.8%
 Education: 5.6%
 Home Services: 5.6%
 Other: 26.3%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Car repair153.70.1
Gas stations273.70.2
New car dealers123.90.1
Public administration214.10.1
Loan companies353.90.2
Grocery stores and supermarkets164.00.1
General contractors113.60.1
Real estate133.60.1
Hotels and motels384.10.2
Other accommodation374.10.2
Travel agencies133.70.1
Corporate management114.00.1
Fast food restaurants124.00.1
Middle eastern restaurants113.80.1
Clothing stores143.90.1
Department stores214.10.1
Electronics stores123.90.1
Hardware stores193.70.1
Household appliances and goods113.70.1
NeighborhoodsAl Hasilah, Al Jadidah, Al Qawf, Al Wadi, Awqad Ash Shamaliyah, Az Zawiyah, Industrial Workshop Area, Janub Ad Dahariz, Janub Madinat As Saadh, Salalah Al Wusta
Local TimeTuesday 6:56 PM
TimezoneGulf Standard Time
Weather21.7°C clear sky
Lat & Lng17.01505° / 54.09237°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Salalah
 Az Zawiyah: 18.5%
 Al Jadidah: 16.3%
 Industrial Workshop Area: 14.3%
 Janub Madinat As Saadh: 7.2%
 Al Wadi: 5.5%
 Salalah Al Wusta: 5.1%
 Al Hasilah: 4.9%
 Other: 28.2%

Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in Salalah
 Area Code 23: 55.9%
 Area Code 24: 8.6%
 Area Code 99: 8.3%
 Area Code 92: 5.8%
 Area Code 93: 5.1%
 Other: 16.2%

Business distribution by price for Salalah

 Inexpensive: 48.7%
 Moderate: 45.5%
 Expensive: 4.5%
 Very Expensive: 1.3%


Salalah (Arabic: صلالة‎ transliterated Ṣalālah), is the capital and seat of the wali (governor) of the southern Omani province of Dhofar. Its population in 2009 was 197,169. is the second largest city in the Sultanate of Oman, and the largest city i..  ︎  Salalah Wikipedia Page