Businesses in Santa, Ilocos Sur


Business Distribution by Industry
 Restaurants: 24.5%
 Shopping: 21.1%
 Food: 10.7%
 Education: 7%
 Beauty & Spas: 5%
 Other: 31.7%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Gas stations93.20.6
Beauty salons100.7
Day spas120.8
Public administration121.00.8
Higher education (colleges and universities)181.2
Movie theaters80.5
Loan companies84.70.5
Convenience stores113.80.7
Grocery stores and supermarkets154.21.0
Internet cafes80.5
Construction of houses90.6
Buses and trains94.40.6
Civil engineering120.8
Construction of buildings224.41.5
American restaurants235.01.5
Bars, pubs and taverns124.50.8
Chinese restaurants120.8
Fast food restaurants194.41.3
Japanese restaurants110.7
Beauty aids90.6
Clothing stores364.52.4
Department stores94.50.6
Electronics stores185.01.2
Hardware stores103.00.7
Office supplies and stationery stores204.41.3
Shoe stores90.6
Shopping other80.5
Sporting goods80.5
Women's clothing90.6
Area of Santa, Ilocos Sur109.1 km²
Area Codes77
NeighborhoodsBarangay Santa Clara, Bubukal, Poblacion
Local TimeTuesday 7:09 PM
TimezonePhilippine Standard Time
Lat & Lng17.486° / 120.4348°
Zip Codes2703

Santa, Ilocos Sur Population Density

Population Density: 138.5 / km²
LocationPopulationAreaPopulation Density
Santa, Ilocos Sur15,106109.1 km²138.5 / km²
Ilocos Sur688,5582,534.5 km²271.7 / km²
Philippines96.6 million296,939.4 km²325.3 / km²
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid

Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in Santa, Ilocos Sur
 Area Code 49: 46.2%
 Area Code 44: 14.6%
 Area Code 2: 14.6%
 Other: 24.6%

Business distribution by price for Santa, Ilocos Sur

 Inexpensive: 59.2%
 Moderate: 34.6%
 Expensive: 4.3%
 Very Expensive: 1.9%

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Santa, Ilocos Sur

Santa is a municipality in the central part of Ilocos Sur province in the Philippines. to Santa's natural setting (the ridge of Mount Tetas de Santa in the east; the winding Abra River and delta in the north and NW of Santa; and the South China Sea ..  ︎  Santa, Ilocos Sur Wikipedia Page

Zip Codes

Percentage of businesses by Zip Codes in Santa, Ilocos Sur
 Zip Code 4026: 54.6%
 Zip Code 4009: 12.7%
 Zip Code 3022: 7%
 Zip Code 3020: 6.1%
 Other: 19.7%