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Area Codes21
Local TimeSunday 5:06 AM
TimezonePakistan Standard Time
Lat & Lng24.94248° / 67.30602°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/12/196:36 AM4.585.4 km10,000 m48km WNW of Jamshoro,
10/3/1810:39 AM4.494.9 km10,000 m53km E of Uthal,
10/14/1312:15 PM4.272.1 km14,030 m78km W of Jamshoro,
5/31/128:35 AM443.5 km10,000
4/16/106:20 PM4.495.2 km29,800
10/13/0712:31 AM492.8 km10,000
9/28/986:17 PM4.597.3 km33,000
9/24/984:10 PM3.899.7 km10,000
4/10/975:57 PM4.398.2 km33,000
12/28/924:32 AM3.656.9 km33,000

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Malir District, Sindh

Malir District (Sindhi: ضلعو ملیر ‎ Urdu: ضلع ملیر ‎) was an administrative district of Karachi Division in Sindh, Pakistan. District was abolished in 2000 and divided into three towns namely Malir Town, Bin Qasim Town and Gadap Town. On 11 July 201..  ︎  Malir District Wikipedia Page