Businesses in Wadala Sandhuan

Local TimeMonday 1:10 AM
TimezonePakistan Standard Time
Lat & Lng32.19091° / 74.39602°
Postal Codes51510

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/17/164:53 AM4.593.7 km60,730 m8km ESE of Kahna,
11/5/158:27 AM3.144.1 km59,820 m15km SSW of Narang,
3/20/147:14 AM4.388.4 km46,030 m2km NW of Warburton,
4/8/087:08 PM3.380.9 km49,400 mIndia-Pakistan border
2/8/078:37 PM3.5100 km32,400
2/15/051:48 PM4.267.7 km50,400 mIndia-Pakistan border
10/3/0212:23 AM4.685.5 km33,000
10/18/006:49 PM4.996.2 km47,700
3/23/988:25 PM455.5 km42,500
7/29/972:43 AM4.897.8 km10,000

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Wadala Sandhuan, West Punjab

Wadala Sandhuan (Punjabi, Urdu: وڈالہ سندہواں) (Sandhuan also spelled Sandhwan or Sundhwan) is a town situated on the Gujranwala-Pasrur road in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Wadala Sandhuan is located at 32.11° North, 74.24° East. it is 232 meters..  ︎  Wadala Sandhuan Wikipedia Page