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Marks, Russia

Marks (Russian: Маркс), also spelled Marx, named after Karl Marx, is a town in Saratov Oblast, Russia, located 60 kilometers (37 mi) northeast of Saratov, the administrative center of the oblast. Population: 31,531 (2010 Census); 32,849 (2002 Census)
Population: 31,531
Local Time: Saturday 4:48 AM
Timezone: Volgograd Standard Time
 Marks, Saratov Oblast, Russia
Other accommodationHoliday homes, cabins and resorts
 10-ya Liniya ulitsa, 54
Travel and transportationBuses and trains
 prospekt Lenina, 13
Travel agencies
 5-ya Liniya ulitsa, 20
Travel agencies
 prospekt Lenina, 13, Marks
Travel agencies

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