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Area Codes35
Local TimeWednesday 11:37 PM
TimezoneSolomon Islands Time
Lat & Lng-8.14497° / 159.59212°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/28/191:59 AM558.8 km65,410 m58km SE of Buala, Solomon
5/21/1911:49 AM4.750.5 km59,570 m50km ESE of Buala, Solomon
3/11/192:45 AM4.538.8 km56,910 m38km ESE of Buala, Solomon
7/23/182:38 AM4.250.1 km77,690 m50km SW of Buala, Solomon
10/31/176:42 AM4.450.6 km153,850 m27km SSE of Dadali, Solomon
10/31/175:31 AM4.114 km158,800 m13km SW of Buala, Solomon
9/22/174:25 PM4.943.5 km37,280 m43km N of Buala, Solomon
8/27/1711:52 PM4.258.3 km96,900 m58km SSW of Buala, Solomon
5/11/1710:39 PM5.134.7 km50,330 m34km N of Buala, Solomon
5/7/173:31 AM4.437.5 km53,980 m37km E of Buala, Solomon

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Buala, Isabel Province

Buala is a town in the Solomon Islands located on Santa Isabel Island (the longest of the Solomon Islands). Buala consists of Jejevo station and Buala Village. Buala is located on a side of a hill so there is no place for the town to expand, new fee..  ︎  Buala Wikipedia Page