Businesses in Tulagi

Area Codes32
Local TimeWednesday 11:05 PM
TimezoneSolomon Islands Time
Lat & Lng-9.09958° / 160.14759°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
6/9/179:19 PM4.550 km54,030 m39km WNW of Auki, Solomon
1/10/176:56 AM4.550.4 km65,830 m36km W of Auki, Solomon
6/9/169:17 PM6.265.2 km30,400 m18km WNW of Auki, Solomon
6/7/161:36 AM4.134.8 km66,330 m25km NNW of Honiara, Solomon
5/25/159:25 AM4.352.5 km52,800 m18km WSW of Auki, Solomon
8/5/1411:18 AM548.5 km65,480 m22km WSW of Auki, Solomon
4/13/128:50 PM4.142.1 km70,400 mSolomon
3/23/128:59 AM421.9 km92,400 mSolomon
11/17/119:55 AM4.553.6 km61,400 mSolomon
4/10/096:21 AM561 km121,300 mSolomon

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Tulagi, Central Province (Solomon Islands)

Tulagi, less commonly known as Tulaghi, is a small island (5.5 km by 1 km) in Solomon Islands, just off the south coast of Ngella Sule. The town of the same name on the island (pop. 1,750) was the capital of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate f..  ︎  Tulagi Wikipedia Page