Businesses in Visale

Local TimeWednesday 11:54 PM
TimezoneSolomon Islands Time
Lat & Lng-8.6° / 157.33333°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/18/157:07 AM4.316.7 km17,570 m61km SE of Gizo, Solomon
9/27/125:01 PM4.39.7 km10,000 mSolomon
6/30/1110:18 PM4.518 km35,000 mSolomon
1/5/106:06 PM4.517.4 km35,000 mSolomon
1/5/102:07 AM4.313.5 km35,000 mSolomon
1/4/103:25 PM5.112.5 km41,200 mSolomon
1/4/104:22 AM4.416 km35,000 mSolomon
1/3/1011:39 PM5.28.6 km35,000 mSolomon
1/3/1011:36 PM4.64.1 km35,000 mSolomon
1/3/1011:31 PM4.618 km35,000 mSolomon

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Visale,_Solomon_Islands. is a town in the Solomon Islands. Visale is located in West Guadalcanal. In 2004, the Sacred Heart Parish Church celebrated the 100 years anniversary of Christian faith.   ︎  Visale Wikipedia Page