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Area Codes14
Local TimeSunday 5:26 AM
TimezoneEastern European Summer Time
Lat & Lng33.12595° / 35.82461°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/4/1812:45 PM4.751 km10,000 m5km SE of 'Eilabun,
7/3/186:50 PM452.3 km10,000 m6km SSE of 'Eilabun,
6/29/166:24 AM3.788.1 km13,850 m19km WSW of Beirut,
9/1/141:50 PM4.477.9 km10,000 m4km S of Sirghaya,
7/5/142:41 PM464.7 km12,700 m3km NE of Sidon,
10/20/135:54 AM3.538.1 km5,000 m8km NNE of Tiberias,
7/10/0911:19 AM448.7 km10,000 mLebanon - Syria
7/2/082:29 AM3.141.4 km20,100 mLebanon - Syria
6/12/0810:28 PM441 km1,000 mLebanon - Syria
6/12/089:40 AM441.2 km5,400 mLebanon - Syria

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Quneitra, Quneitra Governorate

Quneitra (also Al Qunaytirah, Qunaitira, or Kuneitra; Arabic: القنيطرة‎ al-Qunayṭrah) is the largely destroyed and abandoned capital of the Quneitra Governorate in south-western Syria. It is situated in a high valley in the Golan Heights at an elevat..  ︎  Quneitra Wikipedia Page