Businesses in Piggs Peak


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 26.1%
 Industry: 13.7%
 Food: 9.9%
 Hotels & Travel: 9.3%
 Restaurants: 6.8%
 Other: 34.2%
Area Codes2437
Local TimeWednesday 8:52 AM
TimezoneSouth Africa Standard Time
Lat & Lng-25.96667° / 31.25°
Postal CodesH108

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/1/191:28 AM3.779.4 km5,000 m36km W of Mhlambanyatsi,
7/7/137:52 AM4.676.2 km5,000 m50km W of Barberton, South
2/7/0011:34 AM4.550.8 km5,000 mSouth
8/4/8712:53 PM4.476.1 km10,000

Piggs Peak, Hhohho Region

Piggs Peak is a town in north western Swaziland. It was founded around gold prospecting in 1884, but its main industry is now forestry. The Phophonyane Falls lie near the town. Piggs Peak Casino takes its name from the area. In 2001 the 115m high wal..  ︎  Piggs Peak Wikipedia Page