Businesses in Sandlane

Local TimeThursday 9:12 PM
TimezoneSouth Africa Standard Time
Lat & Lng-26.56667° / 30.78333°
Postal CodesH102H119

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/1/191:28 AM3.719.9 km5,000 m36km W of Mhlambanyatsi,
7/18/186:34 PM4.383.9 km5,000 m32km NNE of Breyten, South
5/27/1211:56 AM4.463.5 km5,000 mSouth
2/7/0011:34 AM4.532.6 km5,000 mSouth
8/4/8712:53 PM4.479 km10,000
2/16/804:58 PM4.768.8 km33,000 mSouth


Sandlane is the westernmost town in Swaziland. It is located close to the border with South Africa, 40 kilometres southwest of the capital, Mbabane.  ︎  Sandlane Wikipedia Page