Businesses in Carapichaima


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 13%
 Education: 10.9%
 Religion: 10.9%
 Professional Services: 9.2%
 Home Services: 7.1%
 Industry: 7.1%
 Restaurants: 6.5%
 Automotive: 5.4%
 Food: 5.4%
 Beauty & Spas: 4.9%
 Sports & Activities: 4.9%
 Other: 14.7%
NeighborhoodsChase Village
Local TimeWednesday 12:04 PM
TimezoneAtlantic Standard Time
Lat & Lng10.47714° / -61.44744°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Carapichaima
 Chase Village: 71.4%
 Buttler Village: 14.3%
 Korea Village: 14.3%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
3/5/194:12 PM4.429 km52,780 m10km N of Tunapuna, Trinidad and
9/9/188:34 PM3.617 km10,000 m13km W of Couva, Trinidad and
11/8/177:54 PM3.931.1 km10,000 m4km NNW of Petit Valley, Trinidad and
5/28/174:06 PM3.535.5 km41,190 m27km WSW of Mucurapo, Trinidad and
12/26/105:00 PM535 km54,300 mTrinidad region, Trinidad and
7/22/0811:58 AM3.235.2 km34,000 mGulf of Paria, Trinidad and
12/28/079:18 PM3.218.2 km33,000 mGulf of Paria, Trinidad and
11/2/075:34 PM3.129.6 km31,000 mTrinidad, Trinidad and
9/17/0711:49 PM3.133.4 km9,000 mGulf of Paria, Trinidad and
6/28/0711:41 PM3.122.5 km40,000 mGulf of Paria, Trinidad and

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Carapichaima, Couva-Tabaquite-Talparo Regional Corporation

Carapichaima is a town in central Trinidad. Nearby communities and villages include Orange Field Village, Waterloo, Brickfield Village and Korea Village.   ︎  Carapichaima Wikipedia Page