DynCorp International Inc

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1700 Old Meadow Road
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City: McLean, Virginia
Neighborhood: Lewinsville
Postal: 22102
Administrative region: Virginia
Country: United States


10 Contacts for DynCorp International Inc

William PriceAfm Quality, Safety and Flight Director

Leonard MossVice President and Chief Security Officer

Mark FarleyManager Quality Assurance and Safety

Sueann PorterDirector Quality Assurance and Compliance


DynCorp International Inc is located in McLean, Virginia. DynCorp International Inc is working in Transportation logistics, Aerospace and aviation activities. You can contact the company at (571) 722-0210. You can find more information about DynCorp International Inc at www.dyn-intl.com. You can contact the company by email at . Tracy Moore is associated with the company.
Number of Employees
USD 16,312,844,754.00
Categories:Transportation logistics, Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery.
ISIC Codes:3030, 5229.

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