Groveton High School

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  65 State St, Groveton, NH 03582Directions
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City: Groveton, New Hampshire
Neighborhood: Groveton
Postal: 03582
Administrative region: New Hampshire
Country: United States

Contacts10 Contacts for Groveton High School

Ronald PaquetteInterim School Superintendent Of Scho

Rosanna MoranK 1-5 Admin Principal

Shelli RobertsK 1-6 Teaching/admin Prin

Brock IngallsGirls Athletic Director

Tim HaskinsGirls Basketball

Lisa PerrasPrincipal

Joe CassadyGirls Soccer Head Coach

Dan MackinBoys Soccer Head Coach


Groveton High School is located in Groveton, New Hampshire. Groveton High School is working in Secondary education, Public administration, Education activities. You can contact the company at (603) 636-1619. You can find more information about Groveton High School at You can contact the company by email at . Ronald Paquette is associated with the company.
Number of Employees
USD 3,555,989.00
Categories:Pre-primary and primary education, General secondary education, General public administration activities, Education.
ISIC Codes:8411, 85, 8510, 8521.

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