Businesses in Belmont, Texas

Area Codes830
Local TimeThursday 6:40 PM
TimezoneCentral Standard Time
Lat & Lng29.52329° / -97.68389°
Zip Codes78604

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
6/15/196:07 PM3.666 km5,000 m9km SE of Poth,
5/14/193:52 AM3.126.8 km5,000 m10km E of Nixon,
5/12/197:37 AM3.144.9 km5,000 m19km WNW of Cuero,
12/21/189:32 PM3.255.5 km5,000 m18km E of Poth,
5/1/189:28 AM470.9 km5,000 m12km NW of Karnes City,
4/26/1811:49 AM3.176.2 km5,000 m15km WNW of Karnes City,
2/12/186:24 AM3.161.5 km5,000 m13km N of Karnes City,
1/7/1812:56 AM3.186.4 km5,000 m23km SSW of Poth,
1/6/187:37 AM3.685.8 km5,000 m21km W of Karnes City,
2/19/1512:31 PM3.172.3 km5,000 m3km N of Hallettsville,

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Belmont, Texas

Belmont is an unincorporated community in Gonzales County, Texas, United States located on Alternate US 90 10 miles west of Gonzales, Texas. Although it is unincorporated, Belmont has a post office, with the ZIP code of 78604.  ︎  Belmont, Texas Wikipedia Page