Businesses in Haiku


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 19.3%
 Professional Services: 11%
 Industry: 10.1%
 Home Services: 9.4%
 Hotels & Travel: 9%
 Local Services: 6.8%
 Restaurants: 6.4%
 Medical: 5.6%
 Food: 5.4%
 Other: 16.8%
Area Codes808
Local TimeSunday 3:41 AM
TimezoneHawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
Lat & Lng20.89173° / -156.21428°
Zip Codes96708

Business distribution by price for Haiku, Hawaii

 Moderate: 50%
 Inexpensive: 28.6%
 Expensive: 21.4%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/24/196:16 AM3.3654.5 km25,340 m15km NE of Waialua,
3/29/1911:29 PM3.6686.9 km37,630 m2km SE of Kapaau,
2/24/1912:33 AM3.0456.3 km34,940 m27km NNW of Hawi,
1/24/185:41 AM3.5684.6 km48,200 m27km NE of Kapaau,
8/23/171:11 PM3.5163.2 km13,983 m24km NNE of Waialua,
7/30/175:01 AM4.2155.2 km17,252 m33km WNW of Hawi,
12/10/166:49 AM3.0989 km40,627 m32km WSW of Hawi,
7/30/166:12 AM3.452.3 km5,253 m29km ENE of Hana,
3/28/167:03 AM3.728.1 km34,600 m4km NNW of Kihei,
3/11/169:36 PM3.168.4 km21,530 m26km NNE of Kapaau,

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