Businesses in Leicester, North Carolina


Business Distribution by Industry
 Home Services: 17%
 Shopping: 15.6%
 Industry: 13.8%
 Professional Services: 11%
 Automotive: 7.5%
 Food: 6%
 Local Services: 5.9%
 Religion: 5.2%
 Other: 18%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google Rating
Car repair2224.8 years4.6
Gas stations834.1 years4.5
Beauty salons539.2 years5.0
Hairdressers539.2 years5.0
Social work84.5
Convenience stores54.4
Grocery stores and supermarkets2038.4 years4.3
Demolition and site preparation626.6 years
Electrical installation722.2 years3.7
General cleaning services621.5 years5.0
General contractors4124.8 years4.5
Landscaping922 years4.3
Other construction1626.3 years4.2
Plumbing installation and repair629.8 years3.9
Real estate1018 years4.7
Holiday homes, cabins and resorts54.2
Hotels and motels54.3
Other accommodation84.5
Civil engineering625.8 years3.3
Construction of buildings1831.9 years4.7
Tractors and farm equipment1124 years4.5
Child care and day care54.0
Personal services63.0
Health and medical74.2
Scientific and technical services1128.2 years5.0
Churches1956.4 years4.9
Hardware stores735.8 years4.6
Household appliances and goods840 years3.9
Shopping other1341.7 years4.5
Area Codes828
Local TimeSaturday 4:27 PM
TimezoneEastern Standard Time
Lat & Lng35.65511° / -82.69624°
Zip Codes28748

Business distribution by price for Leicester, North Carolina

 Inexpensive: 40.7%
 Moderate: 37%
 Expensive: 11.1%
 Very Expensive: 11.1%

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8/25/796:31 PM3.784.3 km2,000 mSouth
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