Businesses in McCalla, Alabama


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 16.8%
 Home Services: 12.6%
 Industry: 10.7%
 Automotive: 9.8%
 Professional Services: 7.3%
 Restaurants: 5.6%
 Medical: 5.4%
 Local Services: 5.3%
 Other: 26.6%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google Rating
Car parts1321.8 years3.4
Car repair1726.7 years4.1
Gas stations2325.7 years3.8
New car dealers54.0
Beauty salons1720.5 years4.5
Hairdressers1027.8 years4.3
Finance other94.5
Loan companies113.6
Convenience stores1629.6 years3.8
Grocery stores and supermarkets1122.7 years4.0
Air-conditioning installation and repair925.2 years5.0
Construction of houses522.4 years
Electrical installation722.8 years4.7
General cleaning services814.8 years4.8
General contractors1925.7 years4.7
Landscaping1122 years5.0
Moving companies54.0
Other construction2027.2 years5.0
Real estate1716 years5.0
Construction of buildings1227.2 years3.6
Freight/commercial transport54.0
Warehousing and storage5
Wholesale of machinery840.6 years4.0
Exterminators and pest control54.6
Personal services514.8 years4.6
Health and medical3413.7 years2.9
Churches1949.2 years4.9
Fast food restaurants934.9 years3.5
Clothing stores54.6
Pharmacies and drug stores64.1
Shopping other1332 years4.1
Area Codes205
NeighborhoodsMc Calla
Local TimeSaturday 11:08 PM
TimezoneCentral Standard Time
Lat & Lng33.34872° / -87.01416°

Business distribution by price for McCalla, Alabama

 Inexpensive: 62.1%
 Moderate: 34.5%
 Expensive: 1.7%
 Very Expensive: 1.7%

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McCalla, Alabama

McCalla is an unincorporated community in Jefferson and Tuscaloosa counties, Alabama, United States, southwest of Bessemer and the geographic terminus of the Appalachian Mountains. community is named for Richard Calvin McCalla, a well known civil en..  ︎  McCalla, Alabama Wikipedia Page