Businesses in Pounding Mill, Virginia


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 22.2%
 Industry: 15.3%
 Automotive: 8.9%
 Medical: 7.8%
 Financial Services: 7.5%
 Home Services: 6.1%
 Religion: 5.8%
 Food: 5%
 Other: 21.4%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google Rating
General contractors8
Churches826 years4.4
Area Codes276
Local TimeSaturday 8:17 AM
TimezoneEastern Standard Time
Lat & Lng37.07539° / -81.70872°
Zip Codes24637

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Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/13/1710:33 AM3.299.5 km17,770 m16km N of Pearisburg,
7/18/162:53 AM3.716.7 kmNone11km NNW of Richlands,
12/3/113:12 AM3.120.8 km1,000 mWest
11/23/062:42 AM4.325.3 kmNoneWest
11/2/069:53 AM4.323.3 km1,000 mWest
10/28/972:36 AM3.429.7 km1,000 mWest
6/29/9612:30 PM4.124.8 km1,000 mWest
7/7/952:01 PM3.163.9 km11,600 meastern
6/25/955:36 PM3.143 km5,000 mVirginia-North Carolina border
2/11/946:40 PM3.440.1 km5,000 mVirginia-North Carolina border

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Pounding Mill, Virginia

Pounding Mill is an unincorporated community in Tazewell County, Virginia, United States. Spring was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.  ︎  Pounding Mill, Virginia Wikipedia Page