Businesses in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 18.3%
 Home Services: 18.2%
 Professional Services: 12.8%
 Industry: 8.2%
 Restaurants: 6.9%
 Hotels & Travel: 5.9%
 Medical: 5%
 Other: 24.6%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google Rating
Beauty salons2817.5 years4.6
Hairdressers2716.9 years4.6
Art galleries3821.8 years4.7
Banks2390.6 years3.4
Loan companies2841.1 years4.0
Grocery stores and supermarkets3218.3 years4.2
Apartments3827 years4.3
Commercial real estate2519.6 years4.8
Construction of houses2919.7 years4.0
General cleaning services3217.4 years4.6
General contractors13720.6 years4.2
Landscaping2418.1 years3.9
Other construction4822.4 years4.4
Real estate31022.3 years4.4
Holiday homes, cabins and resorts6519.8 years4.5
Hotels and motels2623.2 years4.5
Other accommodation6321.8 years4.5
Travel agencies2316.5 years4.4
All membership organizations2721.8 years4.4
Construction of buildings9321.7 years3.7
Other membership organizations2522.2 years4.5
Photography4114.9 years4.9
Health and medical9316.4 years4.4
Physicians and surgeons2818.4 years3.7
Advertising and marketing2418.1 years4.7
Architects3124.6 years4.9
Corporate management5218.7 years4.5
Lawyers legal3317.1 years4.8
Scientific and technical services3617.7 years4.7
Specialized design3518.8 years4.6
Churches2628.2 years4.6
American restaurants4022.2 years4.4
Bars, pubs and taverns2215.4 years4.3
Clothing stores4819.8 years4.5
Gifts, cards and party supplies2719.2 years4.5
Hardware stores2520.5 years4.3
Household appliances and goods3224.7 years4.0
Rental equipment3518.9 years4.4
Shopping other4920.6 years4.2
Sporting goods3017.2 years4.5
Area Codes850
NeighborhoodsBluewater Bay, Destin Harbor, Downtown Destin, Grayton Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Seagrove, Seaside
Local TimeSaturday 6:24 PM
TimezoneCentral Standard Time
Lat & Lng30.39603° / -86.22883°
Zip Codes32459

Business distribution by price for Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

 Moderate: 51.8%
 Inexpensive: 24.4%
 Expensive: 16.3%
 Very Expensive: 7.5%

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Santa Rosa Beach is an unincorporated community in Walton County, Florida. It belongs to the Fort Walton Beach-Crestview-Destin, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area.  ︎  Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Wikipedia Page