Businesses in Staten Island


Business Distribution by Industry
 Medical: 18.7%
 Shopping: 15.3%
 Professional Services: 10.4%
 Home Services: 9%
 Restaurants: 7.4%
 Industry: 6.4%
 Other: 32.8%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Car repair50731.3 years4.21.1
Beauty salons46920.7 years4.31.0
Hairdressers50221.5 years4.31.1
Social work29831.2 years3.70.6
Atm's31190.1 years3.70.7
Banks30487.4 years3.70.6
Finance other30960.6 years3.80.7
Loan companies42425.1 years4.20.9
Bakeries22227.6 years4.10.5
Grocery stores and supermarkets39327.1 years4.10.8
General contractors92327.1 years4.32.0
Other construction56526.6 years4.51.2
Real estate73925.1 years4.11.6
Construction of buildings52627.6 years4.01.1
Laundry22727.4 years4.10.5
Dentists52031.3 years4.51.1
Health and medical4,52127.2 years4.19.6
Physicians and surgeons1,64128 years3.83.5
Physiotherapy22622.3 years4.50.5
Accountants27427.1 years4.50.6
Corporate management36721.3 years4.40.8
Lawyers legal57628.5 years4.31.2
Scientific and technical services43721.5 years4.30.9
Churches30554.7 years4.50.7
Clothing stores30229.7 years4.20.6
Electronics stores26029.2 years3.90.6
Hardware stores22437.6 years4.20.5
Pharmacies and drug stores26938.9 years3.90.6
Shopping other40432.2 years4.20.9
Area of Staten Island, New York102 sq mi
Area Codes203347646718More
NeighborhoodsCastleton Corners, Charleston, Elm Park, Eltingville, Great Kills, Midland Beach, New Dorp, South Beach, Staten Island, West Brighton
Local TimeMonday 9:50 AM
TimezoneEastern Daylight Time
FacebookFacebook Profile
Lat & Lng40.56233° / -74.13986°
Zip Codes1030110302103031030410305More

Staten Island, New York Population Density

Population Density: 4,595 / mi²
LocationPopulationAreaPopulation Density
Staten Island, New York468,730102 sq mi4,595 / mi²
New York8.1 million302.8 sq mi26,812 / mi²
New York State19.4 million54,555.3 sq mi355.2 / mi²
United States321.6 million3,796,761.2 sq mi84.7 / mi²
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid

Business distribution by price for Staten Island, New York

 Moderate: 50.7%
 Inexpensive: 38.5%
 Expensive: 7.9%
 Very Expensive: 2.9%

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Staten Island, New York

Staten Island /ˌstætən ˈaɪlənd/ is one of the five boroughs (counties) of New York City, in the state of New York, in the United States. In the southwest of the city, Staten Island is the southernmost part of both the city and state of New York, with..  ︎  Staten Island Wikipedia Page

Zip Codes

Percentage of businesses by Zip Codes in Staten Island
 Zip Code 10314: 19.5%
 Zip Code 10305: 11.7%
 Zip Code 10306: 11.3%
 Zip Code 10301: 9.3%
 Zip Code 10312: 9.1%
 Zip Code 10309: 8.6%
 Zip Code 10304: 7.5%
 Zip Code 10310: 6.7%
 Other: 16.3%