Businesses in Tulalip


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 52.7%
 Restaurants: 8.2%
 Industry: 5.4%
 Other: 33.8%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Car repair1035.4 years3.51.1
Gas stations53.60.5
Beauty salons64.50.6
Social work72.70.8
Convenience stores53.70.5
Grocery stores and supermarkets735.3 years3.70.8
General contractors1427 years4.81.5
Other accommodation624.6 years4.10.6
Construction of buildings628.6 years5.00.6
Wholesale of clothing and textiles2116.5 years3.92.3
Wholesale of machinery529.2 years3.90.5
Health and medical1516.1 years3.71.6
Cafes738.6 years4.20.8
Fast food restaurants622.4 years4.00.6
Beauty aids727 years4.20.8
Children and baby clothing1242.2 years4.21.3
Clothing accessories2035.2 years4.12.2
Clothing stores10033.7 years4.010.8
Department stores1553.1 years4.01.6
Gifts, cards and party supplies64.10.6
Jewelers and watches1545 years3.91.6
Men's clothing2948.5 years4.13.1
Pharmacies and drug stores63.60.6
Shoe stores4435.3 years4.04.8
Shopping other1524.6 years4.21.6
Sporting goods924.6 years4.11.0
Women's clothing4230.8 years4.04.5
NeighborhoodsPriest Point Park, Tierra Bonita, Tulalip, Tyee Ten Acre
Local TimeWednesday 5:32 PM
TimezonePacific Daylight Time
Lat & Lng48.06843° / -122.29181°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Tulalip
 Tulalip: 31.4%
 Priest Point Park: 14.3%
 Tyee Ten Acre: 8.6%
 Tierra Bonita: 8.6%
 East Sunnyside: 5.7%
 Pinewood: 5.7%
 Delta: 2.9%
 Smokey Point: 2.9%
 Maywood-Beckstrom Hill: 2.9%
 Tulalip Wood: 2.9%
 Paine Field-Lake Stickney: 2.9%
 Northeast Seattle: 2.9%
 Eaglecrest Estates: 2.9%
 Marysville: 2.9%
 Kellogg Marsh: 2.9%

Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in Tulalip
 Area Code 360: 90.8%
 Area Code 425: 7%
 Other: 2.2%

Business distribution by price for Tulalip, Washington (state)

 Moderate: 49.1%
 Expensive: 25.4%
 Inexpensive: 22.8%
 Very Expensive: 2.6%

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5/11/1710:56 AM3.4317.6 km23,670 m6km SE of Freeland,
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1/25/131:11 AM3.4344.5 km23,415 mSan Juan Islands region,
3/24/122:16 PM3.5731.3 km7,749

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