Businesses in Union Grove, Iredell County


Business Distribution by Industry
 Industry: 16.4%
 Shopping: 14.8%
 Religion: 10.8%
 Food: 10.4%
 Professional Services: 8.8%
 Home Services: 7.2%
 Restaurants: 7.2%
 Automotive: 6%
 Financial Services: 5.2%
 Local Services: 4.8%
 Other: 8.4%
Area Codes336704
Local TimeSaturday 4:11 PM
TimezoneEastern Standard Time
Lat & Lng36.02458° / -80.86618°
Zip Codes28689

Business distribution by price for Union Grove, Iredell County

 Inexpensive: 57.1%
 Moderate: 28.6%
 Expensive: 14.3%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

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9/13/7611:54 AM3.364.5 km5,000 mVirginia-North Carolina border
8/31/612:29 AM522.7 kmNoneVirginia-North Carolina border
4/29/5210:07 AM4.891.8 kmNoneVirginia-North Carolina border

Union Grove, Iredell County

Union Grove is a township and unincorporated community in Iredell County, North Carolina, United States. At the 2000 census the population was 2069. Union Grove Township was established in 1865 but the Union Grove Post Office existed prior to the Civ..  ︎  Union Grove, Iredell County Wikipedia Page