Businesses in Wakefield, Rhode Island


Business Distribution by Industry
 Medical: 21.7%
 Shopping: 15%
 Professional Services: 12.4%
 Home Services: 7.9%
 Industry: 6.2%
 Restaurants: 6%
 Financial Services: 5.3%
 Other: 25.6%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google Rating
Car repair2735.5 years4.4
Beauty salons2521.2 years4.2
Hairdressers2621.4 years4.2
Social work3824.9 years4.1
Loan companies3537.1 years5.0
General contractors6328.4 years4.5
Other construction3130.2 years4.4
Real estate4130.5 years3.4
Construction of buildings3632.2 years4.0
Other membership organizations2227.8 years3.9
Dentists2127.6 years4.7
Health and medical44826.5 years4.1
Hospitals1628.8 years3.9
Physicians and surgeons14027.4 years3.4
Physiotherapy2227 years4.2
Psychiatrists and psychotherapists2920.8 years3.8
Veterinarians and animal clinics1638.2 years4.7
Accountants1925.4 years4.4
Corporate management2224.3 years4.2
Lawyers legal8423.1 years4.4
Personal injury and product liability law2120.7 years4.6
Scientific and technical services2423.8 years4.2
Clothing stores2626.8 years4.2
Electronics stores1920.2 years4.2
Hardware stores1639.3 years4.5
Shopping other2324.3 years4.3
Area Codes401
Local TimeTuesday 8:25 PM
TimezoneEastern Daylight Time
Lat & Lng41.43732° / -71.50145°
Zip Codes0287902880

Business distribution by price for Wakefield, Rhode Island

 Moderate: 57.8%
 Inexpensive: 35.1%
 Very Expensive: 3.9%
 Expensive: 3.2%

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