Businesses in Whippany, New Jersey


Business Distribution by Industry
 Professional Services: 17.6%
 Shopping: 17.1%
 Industry: 11.5%
 Home Services: 10.8%
 Medical: 5.5%
 Restaurants: 5.4%
 Other: 31.9%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google Rating
Car repair1638.2 years4.2
Beauty salons1227.9 years3.8
Hairdressers1227.9 years4.0
Public administration1697 years3.0
Social work1225.9 years4.1
Preschools and kindergartens1216.8 years4.7
Finance other1238.9 years4.3
Loan companies1835 years4.0
Grocery stores and supermarkets1125.3 years4.4
Air-conditioning installation and repair1029.6 years4.0
Electrical installation1823 years4.2
General cleaning services1224.6 years4.6
General contractors5631.4 years4.1
Landscaping1530.7 years4.0
Other construction3632.8 years4.0
Plumbing installation and repair1236.6 years3.5
Real estate2223.7 years5.0
Hotels and motels1124.9 years3.9
Other accommodation1020.6 years3.9
Construction of buildings3844.6 years4.2
Other membership organizations1222.8 years4.5
Wholesale of machinery2029 years4.4
Health and medical5623.2 years4.3
Physicians and surgeons1333.6 years4.6
Accountants1032.9 years5.0
Corporate management3528.3 years2.6
Lawyers legal2226.6 years4.2
Scientific and technical services3321.1 years4.2
Specialized design1016.8 years
Technical construction services1225 years3.9
Churches1171.2 years4.7
American restaurants1440.2 years4.4
Bars, pubs and taverns1045.9 years4.4
Italian restaurants1016.1 years4.5
Electronics stores3421.1 years4.3
Hardware stores1435.3 years4.5
Household appliances and goods1535.8 years2.4
Office supplies and stationery stores1539.7 years4.5
Pharmacies and drug stores1528.3 years2.9
Shopping other1432.8 years4.2
Fitness centers1717.7 years4.2
Area Codes732862908973
Local TimeTuesday 11:20 AM
TimezoneEastern Standard Time
Lat & Lng40.82454° / -74.4171°
Zip Codes0798107999

Business distribution by price for Whippany, New Jersey

 Moderate: 57.9%
 Inexpensive: 30.3%
 Expensive: 10.5%
 Very Expensive: 1.3%

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4/13/767:39 AM3.132.8 kmNoneGreater New York area, New
6/7/7412:45 PM3.392.1 km2,000 mNew
3/23/5711:02 AM3.840.8 km10,000 mNew

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Whippany, New Jersey

Whippany is an unincorporated community located within Hanover Township in Morris County, New Jersey, United States. Whippany's name is derived from the Whippanong Native Americans, a tribe that once inhabited the area. Whippanong meant "place of the..  ︎  Whippany, New Jersey Wikipedia Page