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Local TimeWednesday 9:47 PM
TimezoneIndochina Time
Lat & Lng22.19236° / 102.4579°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/22/164:00 PM4.531.9 km10,000 m36km NE of Phongsali,
3/6/165:24 PM4.351 km10,000 m25km E of Menglie,
2/23/165:10 PM4.589.4 km10,000 m36km S of Phong Tho,
11/2/1510:43 AM446.3 km10,000 m37km E of Menglie,
10/5/099:53 AM4.459.8 km26,200 mChina-Laos border
5/22/0911:50 AM4.481.3 km10,000
3/2/0810:26 AM428 km10,000 mChina-Laos-Vietnam border
11/23/068:30 AM4.552.3 km10,000 mChina-Laos-Vietnam border
9/26/056:48 AM444.5 km10,000 mChina-Laos-Vietnam border
4/11/0210:04 PM4.526.9 km10,000 mChina-Laos-Vietnam border

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Mường Nhé

Mường Nhé is a commune-level town (thị trấn) and principal town of Mường Nhé District of Điện Biên Province, northwestern Vietnam.  ︎  Mường Nhé Wikipedia Page