Businesses in Lepea

Local TimeWednesday 5:51 AM
TimezoneApia Standard Time
Lat & Lng-13.83575° / -171.79°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/22/164:23 PM4.896.4 km10,000 m72km S of Matavai,
7/15/137:43 AM4.499.7 km10,000 mSamoa
10/2/956:00 PM4.953.2 km38,300 mSamoa
6/9/877:24 AM4.568.6 km70,000 mSamoa
5/11/8710:18 PM4.894.8 km33,000 mSamoa
11/14/8411:38 AM4.565.5 km33,000 mSamoa
4/28/847:36 AM5.190.2 km33,000 mSamoa
12/5/7712:50 AM4.84.3 km36,000 mSamoa

Lepea, Tuamasaga

Lepea is a village on the island of Upolu in Samoa. The picturesque settlement of round Samoan houses built in a concentric pattern in large open grounds (malae) is situated 5mins drive west of the capital Apia on the north central coast of the islan..  ︎  Lepea Wikipedia Page