Businesses in Schoemansville

Local TimeThursday 2:28 PM
TimezoneSouth Africa Standard Time
Lat & Lng-25.72868° / 27.87388°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/28/198:56 PM4.961.4 km5,000 m6km WSW of Soweto, South
2/20/189:23 AM4.566.9 km5,000 m7km SSW of Soweto, South
1/23/1811:47 AM4.461.3 km5,000 m4km WSW of Soweto, South
7/12/158:39 AM4.235.3 km5,000 m21km NW of Brits, South
11/17/1311:53 PM4.354.9 km5,000 m8km WSW of Johannesburg, South
12/18/097:12 AM4.265 km2,000 mSouth
4/25/985:50 PM4.530.7 km5,000 mSouth
2/29/969:34 PM4.457.4 km10,000 mSouth
10/26/957:26 PM3.567.1 km5,000 mSouth
5/27/954:02 AM3.764.8 km5,000 mSouth

Find historical earthquake occurrences near Schoemansville, North West (South African province)

Earliest Date  Latest Date 
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