Cybo Score

There are a number of factors we look at when determining the quality of a business entry on Cybo. The following describes what we look for.

  • Reviews: The number and average reviews a business has on Cybo.
  • Claims: Whether or not a business has been claimed by an owner or representative.
  • Quality of the data: How complete the business entry is.
  • Freshness: How long since the business has been updated or reviewed.

Our ranking algorithm will continuously change, so do not be alarmed if results change. If you feel your business is being under represented feel free to contact us and we can look into it. If there is any way to improve it, we want to know.

Adding a Business

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We strive to not only be the largest database in the world for business information, but also the most accurate and provide the best user experience for finding businesses on the web. It's for this reason that we make it easy for people to list their businesses on Cybo.

Nowhere else will your business get the kind of exposure it can get from Cybo.

Editing a Business

Businesses are always changing. Be it a physical change of address, a new phone number, or simply adding a Facebook page. We make it easy to update the information for a business.

Once on an individual business page, simply click the Edit icon as seen above.

Claiming a Business

Along with adding or editing a business on Cybo, we allow people to claim their business listing should it already exist. This is done to offer slightly more control over the listing and its information.

Users are still permitted to edit claimed businesses, so long as the user in charge of the entry has not locked it from edits.

If someone has claimed a business on Cybo that belongs to you, we allow you to challenge that claim and it will be reviewed by us. We currently limit the number of entries you can claim. If you need to be able to claim more listings, please contact us.

Users who have claimed a business listing are able to lock it. This makes it so other users cannot change information on the listing. We suggest you only do this if people are attempting to vandalize or misrepresent your listing.

Bookmarking a Business

Bookmarked businesses will show up on your profile after you register for an account here at Cybo. This way you can keep tabs on your favorite places!

Cybo User Account

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In order to perform some of the actions described on this page, we require you to register with us. But don't worry, it is quick and easy.

Follow the above links in order to register and log into your Cybo account today.

If you notice a user spamming, lying, vandalizing or otherwise being inappropriate in any way, please flag them. You can do so from their profile page. We will review the user and act accordingly.

Thank you for your interest in Cybo.


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